About Us

Our company has been engaged in professional production of musical instruments.
Musical instrument toys and educational article series for more than 25 years.

In initial stage, we got good comment from market which was atrributed the success to our high quality, especially the rich and full sound of the pipe.
For a long time being, our products, from wooden toys to pipe piano, from percussion instrument to wind instrument and drum series, always own this honor.


We have special designs, vivid colors and fine sounds. It is so simple and attractive enough that children can learn quickly and delight in their easy progress to creating music of their own and learning the simple music provided with our products.

All items meet European safety standard and are CE approved. Each sound pipe is coated with one ofseven different non-toxic enamels. 
All composite materials and packing comply with surrounding protection standards. They can be recycled and are environmentally safe. Children safety is one of our primary concerns.


WX Series
WR Series
CD Series
NS Series


Focus in the future. We are also continuously carries out research and develop new designs each year in order to keep our supply of products uo-to-date and popular in today’s market.

Furthermore, suggestions and advises are welcomed for cooperating and growing with each other.
Wonderful toys for wonderful sales. We strive for high quality but we offer good price. Customer’s designs or  OEM orders are welcomed.

Please advise if you are interested in representing us and if you think that the volume of business you can do would warrant our granting you the sale agency for your country.